An Inspector Calls – Plot Quiz

Q1. Why are the family celebrating?

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Sheila and Gerald are celebrating their engagement.

Q2. Why is Eric ‘squiffy’ in the opening scenes?

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He has been drinking too much to try and cope with the situations he has got himself into. Remember, he is the only character at the start of the play who is carrying the consequences of his dealings with Eva Smith.

Q3. At what point does the Inspector arrive? Is it…

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When Birling is explaining that people should look after their own interests, foreshadowing the battle of ideologies between the capitalist Birling and the Inspector who represents Priestley’s socialist beliefs.

Q4. Who does the Inspector question first?

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Mr. Birling and the way he managed the sacking of Eva Smith.

Q5. How did Eva Smith die?

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She swallowed disinfectant – Priestley perhaps selects this method of suicide as disinfectant is a cleansing product, and the upper classes believed the lower classes were dirty, possessing lower moral standards, and so needed to be cleansed.

Q6. Who is the last character we know to have seen Eva Smith before she died?

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Mrs. Birling, who turned her down when she had nowhere else to turn.

Q7. Where did Gerald meet Daisy Renton?

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The Palace Bar – a venue where men of the upper classes frequented to take advantage of young and vulnerable women. Remember, Eric also met her at the same place.

Q8. Who does the Inspector blame for the death of Eva Smith?

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All of them – it is his primary aim to get the family to share in the responsibility of what happened to Eva Smith, to force them to acknowledge that their actions have impact on others. He is only successful with Eric and, especially, Sheila.

Q9. Who does Mrs Birling claim should take responsibility of Eva’s unborn child?

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The father of the unborn child – although at the point she is unaware that it is Eric. The audience, and Sheila who tries to warn her, have worked it out, which allows Priestley to use dramatic irony effectively to highlight Mrs. Birling’s judgemental attitudes about the lower classes and their morals.

Q10. What is the last thing that happens in the play?

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The telephone rings – presenting the family with a second chance to amend their attitude when faced with awkward questions. Do you think they will have learned anything from this experience and respond to the second inspector any differently?

An Inspector Calls - Plot Quiz
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