An Inspector Calls – Themes Quiz

Q1. Which of the following would you suggest is the main theme of the play?

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Responsibility – it carries Priestley’s primary message that we need to look out for each other, that the world would be a much fairer and kinder place if we all looked carefully at our own actions and how they impacted upon others.

Q2. Mr Birling believes…

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We should all look after our own interests, and not worry about others.

Q3. Which ideology does Mr. Birling represent?

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Capitalism – keeping costs down and profits high, regardless of the human cost.

Q4. How does Eva’s gender contribute to her troubled life? (select 3)

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The first three options sum up the gender inequality that existed at that time.

Q5. Why are Gerald and Eric both able to treat Eva Smith as disposable?

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The most accurate answer is that their wealth, social status and gender gave them great power over her.

Q6. How are the older generation depicted in the play?

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All of the above – by contrast the changing attitude of Sheila and Eric represent hope that the future will be a kinder and fairer place for all.

Q7. How are the lower classes depicted in the play?

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As being treated as inferior, yet essential for the upper classes to maintain their wealth, highlighted by Gerald desperate that the old way of doing things remains in place.

Q8. Sheila’s involvement in Eva’s fate is NOT due to which of the following?

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Eva’s poor work ethic – Eva was merely the victim of gender and class inequality.

Q9. 'Millions and millions and millions of Eva Smiths and John Smiths’ can best be explained as…

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A reminder that the plight of Eva Smith is perhaps symbolic of all working class people.

Q10. Priestley uses this play to…

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All of the above.

An Inspector Calls - Themes Quiz
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